Friday, 18 April 2014

Missing Single Life

What do you missed about your single life? Are your single life better than after you're in a relationship?

I was scrolling my FB news feed the other day when I saw my BFF posted this.. I miss my single life. No matter if I'm happy or sad, I'm on my own.. no heartache. There were lots of comment asking her what went wrong. Not forgetting advices from friends as well.

Single life. What I remember about it was the freedom I had to go anywhere without worrying someone except my parents. The whenever me time or sleep late at night and wake up late. The time spent with friends laughing and doing crazy stuff.

Ahh.. those were memories. Life is great and it gets better each day. Having a responsible, loving, handsome husband and 3 children of my own who loves their mother so much. What more can I ask? Except for good health and high patience everyday.

Thank you God for everything in my life.

P/S: There are times I wish I can turn back and do better.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Favorite Quote of The Week #16 - Decision

“Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.”
David Gemmell, Fall of Kings

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy 5 Months Old Baby

Today my baby girl Rania is 5 months old.

She just recovered from fever and measles. Doc said it was roseola measles. No wonder she was all cranky, irritable and looks tired for few days. See the happy face? Ahh.. so lovely. She is 6.5KG now. Very healthy and chubby. My little Michelin baby.
At this age, she would get excited whenever we are around. She would want us to pick her up and she showed me that she is another daddy's daughter. She will laugh whenever her brother and sister played with her, tickle her on the tummy. She loves to make those bubbles sound with her mouth and would put all her fingers inside too.
One thing I know, she loves her blanket just like her big brother. Smelly blankie!
P/S: Mama hope you have the good health and be a good girl.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Dilemma: Taska / Nursery for The Girls

We're back to square one. Scratching our head, thinking hard and have to make an important decision. My sister can no longer take care of my girls, she has accepted a job offer in KLIA2.

Definitely not going to hire another helper. I do not want face another headache, frustration and have stranger into our house. It would also cost us thousands of Ringgit again which we don't have. Now we're considering sending the girls to a childcare centre. Choosing a childcare centre is NOT easy. Reliable and registered are normally full.

I had done my research on the Internet, browsing the JKM website looking for registered taska / nursery. I called few places and they are no longer accepting new entry.

I had called this centre named Taska Umi Setia Kasih in Danau Kota. I prefer this taska since it is close to kiddo's transit house and school. It is also close to my in law's house. And it is just opposite the police station. Aha. There is a place for Arissa, but I have to wait for Rania. My first impression about this taska; I have this calm feelings when I entered the place. It is clean and the children's face were smiling.

Today itself, we went to Taska Bintang Gemilang in Taman Setapak. It is near the main road and close to SRA. Met the teacher and looked around. She informed us that she just took over the place for about 2 years. The staff hired were graduated burse in Nursing and they're wearing uniform too. Looks professional. There's a place for both girls. First impression? It is clean and spacious.

Both centre has activities for toddler 2 years above. I asked the teacher in Bintang Gemilang what is the staff to child ratio, 1:5 for babies. If I am not mistaken, the ratio in Taska Umi Setia Kasih is 1:4.


Taska Umi Setia Kasih 03-4021 8148:
Baby to 4 years old: RM350
Registration: RM50
Insurance: Covered for babies and toddler RM20
Activities: 2 years old above RM100
Time: 6.45am - 6.30pm
Extra charge: RM5 per hour after 6.30pm

For babies, there are 2 rooms. Room 1 is for babies aged 3-8 months and accomodate 8 babies. Room 2 is for babies 8 months above and have 11 babies.

Taska Bintang Gemilang 03-40318500:
Baby: RM450
Toddler: RM430
Registration: RM( I forgot)
Insurance: Covered for babies and toddler RM( I forgot)
Activities: 2 years old above, Books, activity sheets and uniform provided.
Time: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Extra charge: RM6 per hour after 6.30pm

It's a hard decision we have to take.

P/S: By looking at it, I guess I know where I would send my girls.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Preloved Baby Stuff - The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper

Dear readers,

I have a preloved baby stuff for sale. The First Years Close & Secure Sleeper.
Selling price: RM100
Retail price: RM199.90
Condition: 9/10
Reason for selling: No longer used. Bought in Oct 2013.
Interested please email:

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