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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

FN's Bucket List

I love the month of May. It is where I get to celebrate my birthday.. HAHA obviously. 2016 is the year where I turned 35. THIRTY FIVE! So here I am creating a bucket list for myself where I should be doing it 10 or 15 years ago. Well, it is never too late to start something.

Here are my top 10 list. I should have small bucket list every year so that I have some memories to look back when I sit back in front of the balcony facing the beautiful sandy beach in California. HAHA. Dream on!

1. Further my education
I am currently doing it in one of the university that offers working adults the flexibility to study while working. ODL - open distance learning. I will be completing my degree in 2020.

2. Perform Hajj and Umrah
Hajj is an imperative duty for all Muslims who have the resources and performed during the days of Hajj once in a lifetime. While Umrah, can be performed anytime during the year. InsyAllah, I pray that Allah gives the best of health to me and my husband also my family to perform both.

3. Travel to Europe
My husband and I wish to visit the European countries - especially France, Spain and Italy. He said after we graduate in 2020, we can celebrate our 10th anniversary by touring Europe in 10 days. Without the kids for sure.

4. Paragliding
A lot of people say this #YOLO - you only live once. Of course we are. Who has ever found they lived twice? Skydiving sounds scary than paragliding. Now that should be fun, right?

5. Fly in a hot-air balloon
I know I am not afraid of heights and I hope I didn't get air sickness. And, with Mr. Fruitheart beside me.. it should be romantic kind of thing.

6. Skiing
I lived in the tropics, so when I see snow I might go "OOOOHH" "WHOA". I was born in Malaysia, what do you expect? HAHA. Never in my whole life until now, touch or feel the snow.

7. Go on a cruise
So I can act like Kate Winslet in Titanic. But instead of Leo DiCaprio, I will have my beloved husband holding my hands on the deck.

8. Enrol to baking or cooking class
I think I have said this to Mr. Fruitheart many times. He must have got bored of the same thing I said but didn't do. Whenever I am ready to roll my sleeve. I would love to see my family smiley faces whenever I try something new that makes their tummy happy.

9. Go on a holiday with my father
My dearest father is going to be 61 this year. He has never brought us to a family holiday except "balik kampung" during festive seasons which is Hari Raya. I didn't have the chance to do this with my mother, so I better do for my father. His birthday is on Nov, so I better plan soon.

10. Visit Disney World Park all 4 of them, or maybe just Florida and Paris
I grew up watching Disney movie, and I would love to visit the place once. It will be a great place to spend with the kids.

P/S: One day, you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted. Do it now. - Paul Coelho

Monday, 16 May 2016

2016: Happy Teacher's Day

16th May is the day where teachers celebrated their day. I remember back then when I was in my primary school, whenever the teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.. I always stated in the form - teacher. As time goes by, I have decided being a teacher is not my passion. I do not have the courage to speak in public what more to teach children. I don't have the patience. Handling three kids is challenging what more 40 pupils? Nah. Forget it.

To all my teachers, THANK YOU for your kindness in teaching me.

P/S: I will always be my child's first teacher.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Our First Lite and Easy Weekend

Wow, some title huh? It is hard for us - me and my husband to have a relaxing or lazy weekend. For the past few months, our Saturdays and Sundays were fully booked. It is either sending boy for extra co-curricular at school, attending family events or went for tutorial. Phew!
So last weekend, boy only has nasyid practise on Saturday until 1PM. Meaning, we have one and a half day to do nothing. Says who? I still have to cook. First time, I made nasi minyak with ayam masak merah and acar rampai. Macam makan nasi kenduri kahwin oii!

The main ingredients for making nasi minyak.
I took the recipe from Azlita Aziz's blog: Nasi Minyak

I got to say, the whole family loves it although there is something missing with the taste. My acar sri rampai not as what I expected. It should have the mixed taste of sweet and sour. Maybe my measurement is not correct.
Thank you to my precious NOXXA for making my nasi minyak a success!

Nasi tomato, nasi minyak, nasi ayam - pass successfully.

And on Sunday, I made fried bihun for breakfast and lunch. Dinner brought to us by 'pasar malam TTDI.' *GRIN*

P/S: Thank you to those people who posted their recipes on the Internet.



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