Monday, 8 February 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Yeah it's M-O-N-D-A-Y again. I think Monday is not everybody's favourite day of the week huh? We always hear Monday blues, manic Monday.. basically we hate Monday. Except if it's payday or public holiday.

Awal pagi my sis had called me saying that she wanted to borrow the car. And, I thought bulan depan based on her sms. Haihh.. Both cars now ada sikit masalah. Satu break tak makan, satu lagi starter nak kena tukar dengan road tax belum renew. At last, tak jadi balik sebab banyak masalah. Pity my sister.

As for me, macam biasa lah kan.. not enough sleep plus tired. Semalam pegi shopping with both my boys. Bought a suit for my small boy to wear on my wedding day. Oh he's so adorable and cute. My big boy cakap, rambut tu je tak cute. Hehe.. if small boy tak ada masalah nak gunting rambut, dah tentu makin cute. Ini belum masuk kedai dah menjerit sakan. Well, he had a bad experience when my mom trim his hair. Terkena sikit telinga dia, mesti lah menjerit kan.. sakit.

Hari ini pulak ada training SAP. Hopefully, me not falling asleep. Can't wait to go back and lay on the bed! 4 hours more to go.. caiyuk!
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