Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Something Smelly and It Stinks

I just love the smell of fresh air early in the morning. It feels.. so FRESH! Bagus lah kan, starting a new day with fresh air. But, sometimes it's no longer fresh when you smell something that really STINKS! I mean PEOPLE.

I used public transport to go to work. And, memang boleh bayangkan lah kan sesak macam mana. Macam sardin. Ada satu hari tu, I was standing beside this one person. OMG! I think dia tak mandi agaknya. Eyuck! Terus amik minyak cap kapak sapu kat hidung. Nak gerak kiri kanan tak boleh sebab orang ramai. Lucky, he got off the next station. Pheww! Relief.

Petang nak balik pun sama. Lagi lah teruk, I know you can imagine and really feel. I think I'm going to spare a mask. The smell can make your face turned GREEN. Hehe.. Just like today, this one person wear a perfume that is so strong. Terus pening, rasa nak muntah pun ada juga. Ini kalau lalu, orang dah jauh tapi bau still ada all the way. Come on people, no need to spray the whole bottle to your body. Lama-lama nanti tak jadi wangi, makin busuk bila campur bau peluh. Eyuck!
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