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When I Was A Teenager

Teenager.. remaja, 13 to 19 years old. The best year among all, isn't it?? There's the best thing about it and there's not. Tak best mestilah sebab exam dan homework. Best bila lepak dengan kawan-kawan tak perlu fikir masalah macam orang dewasa.. terutamanya sekarang as I am nearly 3 series huk huk.. Lots of things I have to do on my own and think about.

Nak kata my teenage year best sangat.. emm.. biasa je. 13 years old, masuk sekolah agama stay hostel lagi. Sedih tau, sebab masakan my mama lagi sedap. Kena belajar basuh baju sendiri kira berdikari lah kan. Sampai form 2, tak tahan keluar asrama. Manja kan I. Form 3 pindah ke Jitra, Kedah. Masa tu Jitra bukan macam sekarang, dengar kata dah serba serbi maju. Tak banyak sawah padi. Last I jejak kaki ke Jitra, was masa I nak ambil my SPM certificate. Lama sungguh, bertahun dah. Masa umur ni juga lah, orang kata kalau tak ada cintan cintun, puppy love, cinta monyet bagai tu tak sah kan. I tak terkecuali ok! Kelakar betul bila ingat balik. Orang Kedah and Penang kata, gatai menghela.

Tapi I rasa itu lah pun sedikit sebanyak yang make my teenage year seronok. I tak rasa I ada memberontak, or perangai yang bukan-bukan. Ehh.. mestilah I bukan perasan. I baik tau! Tak caya tanya kawan I Atah, she's my best friend in Kedah, other than Yun and Nuri in Penang. Love you guys so much!

Masa teenage year juga dulu I kenal body hugging, Alien Workshop, seluar londeh yang ada gambar Alien tu. Apa lagi eh, oh yea masa ni I buta internet lagi. So, I don't really know much about it. Nasib baik at this time, Jitra don't have shopping complex like KLCC or Midvalley. If not, my dad would be broke. Seriously, girls at the age of 16 and 17 you know what I mean.

Then after my SPM when I was 18, I went back to Selangor. And that was when I learned to drive, internet, MIRC chatting, KLCC, OU and all. I started my first job and seronok bila dapat my first salary. When I owned my car, lagi besar langkah I. Kancil saja, cukup lah as I am not that tall to drive a sport car or big car. Kalau tidak, I dah beli Satria GTI.. hik hik.. My dad cakap, later all the boys will be chasing me. Oh really?? Nahhh.. I don't think so dad. I think my most memorable and bestest teenage year was when I'm 18-19. Between being an adult and ending my teenage year. Oh well, sweet memories remain.

And, don't want to touch all the bad memories. Let it be there.

Talking about teenagers TODAY, all I can say OH MY GOD! Totally different, more extreme in every single way. Susah nak jumpa teenager yang how should I put it in a understandable word. Hmm.. don't have one. They think that parents don't understand them, but actually they do. Our parents also once a teenager and know exactly what they had gone through. Believe me, I know.

Semua orang tak sama, but in the end parents do know. Like my parents used to say.. just wait until you become a parent, you'll know how hard it is. Oh yes, mom and dad.. you're correct. Kadang-kadang, I wish I can be kids and teenagers again. Nothing to worry about kan, only study, get good grades and exam, lepak with friends. Well, life was never been easy if you make it hard.. hehe

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