Friday, 28 May 2010

Mr Small Man's Birthday

Yesterday 27th May was my small boy's 6th birthday. Happy Birthday!! I feel that it was only yesterday I gave birth to him and all the pain. How time flies. He's no longer being my small baby, he said he's a small man. He followed my big boy, I called him big man.

Dah lama dia nak kek Ben 10. On Monday I dah order the cake, and yesterday I can see that he's the most happy boy! Senyum sampai ke telinga orang kata. Until now, I didn't buy him anything. The plan was to give him PSP on his birthday, but due to not enough budget.. with all the wedding things going on.. I have to postponed it for now. Tomorrow, we're going to watch Shrek 3 and pamper him the whole day! I want to be a KID too!!

Next year, he's going to be 7. It's going be a new challenge new environment new place to live and new beginning.. I always hope and pray for the best both me and my small men, spending our live together with my big men a.k.a daddy.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wedding Preparation

It's M-O-N-D-A-Y again yesterday! May nearly end.. cepat betul masa berlalu. Another 123 days to the big day.. yeah as usual I'm counting days. I should post this yesterday, but busy as usual.

Last weekend went to Amin Jauhary's showroom near Sriputramas. At last dapat juga baju untuk reception nanti, warna gold. Although not as gorgeous as the dress I saw at FC, but that's one of the new and beautiful dress there. Tak perlu nak choosy sangat kan, nanti penat big boy teman mencari lagi. At least dah ada baju, daripada tak ada langsung kannnn.. Not too pricy, and just within our budget and it's including make-up! Bukan senang nak dapat price macam tu. So, lepas ni rasanya tinggal lagi 3 barang hantaran nak dicari. Before puasa boleh dapat hopefully.

Talking about my small boy, last weekend juga on Sunday, I ajar dia Matematik. Simple questions about addition and subtraction. I can see that he don't fancy much addition using big numbers. Haa habis semua jari kaki nak digunanya, tu masa mula-mula ajar dia lah kan. Memang kelakar, bila cakap tak payah guna jari kaki.. dia suruh guna jari mama pula. I duduk sebelah dia ajar macam mana nak kira, baru dia faham. Saja nak biasakan dia dengan Matematik, sebab.... mama dia memang tak gemar subjek tu! I am not being cruel, just to show him and teach him to love Maths! Don't want him to be like mama. After a while, he done it very well. Good job Syahmie! Siap buat subtraction tanpa mama duduk kat tepi (sebab mama tidur, nap time). Ada lah salah dua tiga, sebab 5-0=0 Tak apa, budak baru belajar macam itu lah kan.

In few days my small boy going to be 6 years old. He's so.. growing up fast!! Rasa macam semalam dia baru belajar merangkak, jatuh bangun.. next year dah nak masuk darjah satu. There goes my baby. Semalam lepas balik kerja, terus pergi Secret Recipe tempah kek Ben 10. RM100 juga lah habis untuk kek sahaja. Big boy cakap, mahal betul kek anak dia. Tahu tak pe. Once a year je pun.  Last year, it was Transformers.. so this year it's Ben 10.

Everyday he will asked me what day it is and what date, and he will smile.

"Yay!Yay! Hari Khamis, Thursday 27 haribulan birthday Syahmie kan mama?"

The smile that would make me happy that I have a son like him. Mama love you!

Friday, 21 May 2010

No Internet Access

It's been more than 2 weeks I don't have internet access at home. Kind of boring, have to fight with my sister for the ASTRO remote. My sister said, she's dying. Haih tak de internet punya pasal.

Sebabnya modem biru tu kena panah petir masa hujan lebat last 2 weeks. So I have no time to update my blog, play SL in facebook and yeah pampering myself with internet. So I spent most of my time with my beloved small boy. Memang suka lah dia kan, mummy duduk sebelah dia.. layan dia macam putera raja. Well, that's the way it should be right.

Before we have internet, I love to read books.. and spend hours sometimes days reading it. Now we have e-book and we can download it. Plus, we can go outside playing with neighbour kids. Now mostly everything is using internet. We can even hugs or poke each other on internet, facebook!. Sometimes we don't have to see our friends or family face to face we can use Skype. Technology!

So I have to surf internet, update facebook and blog during office hours. More update coming up soon.

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday, 20th May was my birthday. 29 years old, WOW! Nearly 3 series. Yeah, everyone said I am getting old, so??

Got lots of wishes from friends through facebook. The only way they know when is your birthday right. My big boy gave early present, 12 pink roses and 10 ferrero rocher. Got to eat 4 only, another 6 my small boy ate it. Both mummy and son loves ferrero. It was his first time giving me flowers. I was of course shocked, happy and liked it very much. Thank you dear.

So I took day off yesterday, small boy also didn't go to school because accompanying mummy. I don't have anything in mind to celebrate it somewhere.. so end up lazying at home. Suddenly around 4, feels like going out. Asked my son how he wants to celebrate mummy's birthday. He said, eat at McD, secret recipe cake and a movie treat for him and me. However, mummy's paying hehe.. How sweet! But..... after we both ready to get going, it rained.. heavily!! Dark clouds and my car aircond was hot! What a day.

Small boy was dissapointed, and so was I. That's the story of my birthday this year.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Paper Bags

Dah lama tak update story gossip di blog my fruitheart ni. Line telefon and internet di rumah kene petir! Nearly 1 week already. Orang telekom belum muncul-muncul lagi betulkan line. Sangat bosan.

I suka kumpul paper bags, especially yang jenis recycle. And of course yang cantik. I think I prefer the brown paper bags more. I have lots of Starbucks paper bags fyi hehe.. Today itself, my big boy beli Starbucks and dapat lagi paper bags. Tak perlu guna banyak beg plastik, kata nak jaga alam sekitar kan.

Now tengah tunggu masa untuk BALIK!! System down nak buat kerja pun tak boleh. Memang sangat tension dan marah. Tiba-tiba sangat berdedikasi pula kan. Hopefully, it will be up and running soon. Kalau tidak, tomorrow kerja jadi double and menambahkan marah.

Monday, 10 May 2010

2010: Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, 9th May was the celebration of Mother's Day. Happy Mother's day to myself and all mothers in the world. Did get a card from my small boy, where actually he created it months before it. Dia cakap, for you mama.. oh how sweet. Then, mak su sibuk buat drawing untuk magazine dia, my small boy also sibuk melukis 'adik' dia. See how excited he is to get a brother! And no, he said he don't want a girl. My big boy cakap.. yay daddy win! Yeah right, not yet OK.

I've uploaded the picture of the card. Walaupun tak cantik macam kad Hallmark tu, the thought and and kesungguhan dia tu made me proud. Thank you Syahmie, mama love you so much. You're my heart, you're soul. You will always be my baby!

And not to forget, Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mother.. and Happy Belated Birthday.. 7th May.

I've found a poem in the website:

Mom, I loved you yesterday, I love you tomorrow and everyday.
You were there for me my first day of school, to hold my hand and give me courage to go.
You listened to me when I needed to talk, you talked to me when I needed to listen.
You let me grow and learn from my own mistakes.
You never left my side when I was feeling down, I knew you would be there to pick me up.
I wish there was a way I could repay all the things you have done for me, but there's nothing great enough to repay the greatest mother of all.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Life After Work

I've been asked couple of times, so how's life after work? Being a mother, work from 9-6, travel and so on.. How to answer? Takkan I nak cakap, miserable? Or fun? Not everything is fun and not all are miserable.

There are times when I had bad day at work.. came back from work and saw my son waiting for me on the driveway, smiling.. makes me happy already. That's how magical your child can be to you, you never know what they can do. You can go nuts, mad and smiling laughing at the same time!

So my life after work.. hmm.. sampai rumah dah gelap. Keluar rumah pun gelap lagi. Sampai rumah, tak sempat tukar baju, cuci tangan and muka terus makan. After that only, baru shower. Then layan my small boy. Memang I jarang tengok TV hari bekerja, sebab I know.. if there are good stories then I akan tidur lambat or tertidur depan TV. Usually, 9.30PM dah tidur. Dah 5.30 kena bangun siapkan breakfast untuk my small boy and have to rush to ERL.

Think about it, rutin harian macam tu memang sangat boring. I've been thinking, nak try yoga. Nak suruh I lari di taman or gym, forget it. I am too lazy. I think yoga much more relaxing and you can do in front of TV. Just need a little research about it, then I can start. Hope so..

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stressed! Hate it

Actually should update this stressed yesterday. Sampaikan search gambar untuk letak I hate Monday. See how stressed I am.

Today also I feel the same. So much work. Rasa macam emosi tak stabil. Huh?? Emosi tak stabil??!! Haih.. don't know WHAT IS THE PROBLEM here.. plus rasa nak marah je pun ye juga. Isk!

What I need is vacation. Nak tunggu hujung bulan 9, honeymoon lambat sangat. My fruitheart also tired, lagi kesian kat dia. More work.

My small boy pula demam, tetibe saja kena. Cuak gak takut H1N1, mintak simpang dijauhkan penyakit itu AMIN! So these few days, small boy kena quarantine kat rumah until I said ok you can go. Small boy bosan duduk rumah, sampai dia cakap 'Mama, I need to go to school'. Haaa you, English lagi hik hik.. Tu maknanya, mama you don't understand Malay ke? Haih.. anak yang bersemangat.

Seriously, I need VACATION!