Friday, 21 May 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday, 20th May was my birthday. 29 years old, WOW! Nearly 3 series. Yeah, everyone said I am getting old, so??

Got lots of wishes from friends through facebook. The only way they know when is your birthday right. My big boy gave early present, 12 pink roses and 10 ferrero rocher. Got to eat 4 only, another 6 my small boy ate it. Both mummy and son loves ferrero. It was his first time giving me flowers. I was of course shocked, happy and liked it very much. Thank you dear.

So I took day off yesterday, small boy also didn't go to school because accompanying mummy. I don't have anything in mind to celebrate it somewhere.. so end up lazying at home. Suddenly around 4, feels like going out. Asked my son how he wants to celebrate mummy's birthday. He said, eat at McD, secret recipe cake and a movie treat for him and me. However, mummy's paying hehe.. How sweet! But..... after we both ready to get going, it rained.. heavily!! Dark clouds and my car aircond was hot! What a day.

Small boy was dissapointed, and so was I. That's the story of my birthday this year.
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