Friday, 7 May 2010

Life After Work

I've been asked couple of times, so how's life after work? Being a mother, work from 9-6, travel and so on.. How to answer? Takkan I nak cakap, miserable? Or fun? Not everything is fun and not all are miserable.

There are times when I had bad day at work.. came back from work and saw my son waiting for me on the driveway, smiling.. makes me happy already. That's how magical your child can be to you, you never know what they can do. You can go nuts, mad and smiling laughing at the same time!

So my life after work.. hmm.. sampai rumah dah gelap. Keluar rumah pun gelap lagi. Sampai rumah, tak sempat tukar baju, cuci tangan and muka terus makan. After that only, baru shower. Then layan my small boy. Memang I jarang tengok TV hari bekerja, sebab I know.. if there are good stories then I akan tidur lambat or tertidur depan TV. Usually, 9.30PM dah tidur. Dah 5.30 kena bangun siapkan breakfast untuk my small boy and have to rush to ERL.

Think about it, rutin harian macam tu memang sangat boring. I've been thinking, nak try yoga. Nak suruh I lari di taman or gym, forget it. I am too lazy. I think yoga much more relaxing and you can do in front of TV. Just need a little research about it, then I can start. Hope so..
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