Friday, 28 May 2010

Mr Small Man's Birthday

Yesterday 27th May was my small boy's 6th birthday. Happy Birthday!! I feel that it was only yesterday I gave birth to him and all the pain. How time flies. He's no longer being my small baby, he said he's a small man. He followed my big boy, I called him big man.

Dah lama dia nak kek Ben 10. On Monday I dah order the cake, and yesterday I can see that he's the most happy boy! Senyum sampai ke telinga orang kata. Until now, I didn't buy him anything. The plan was to give him PSP on his birthday, but due to not enough budget.. with all the wedding things going on.. I have to postponed it for now. Tomorrow, we're going to watch Shrek 3 and pamper him the whole day! I want to be a KID too!!

Next year, he's going to be 7. It's going be a new challenge new environment new place to live and new beginning.. I always hope and pray for the best both me and my small men, spending our live together with my big men a.k.a daddy.
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