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You Know You're A Mother When

Sometimes when I think about it, I couldn't believe that I am a mother. It has been 6 years already! I feel that (yeah in my mind) I am still a small child, knowing that I have a child of my own. Once in a while being an adult can be fun when you're acting like a child.
I don't feel you can TRULY understand the absolute meaning of the phrase until you become a mother yourself. I'd love to share some of these times with you as I am sure that if you are a mother, or a parent in general, that you will be nodding your head to at least a few "you know when's..." on my list hehe..
You went through hours of painful labour and forget the pain; the very moment you see your child.

You don't mind if you wear the same or old clothes again; and you get your child new ones.. on every sale. Instead of wanting to buy yourself something, you ended up at children's department.

You went to the grocery store alone and consider that as your 'me' time.

You hide…

World Cup 2010 - Germany vs England

I am not a die hard fan of football, but I love to watch the game sometimes. Where actually there's no good movie on TV. Some of you might say, women watched football or soccer because of the good looking guys. Oh yes!! I admit it. I like to see Kaka, Ronaldo, Beckham, Lampard.. and the list goes on. And they too have very good skills and talented. With talent and good looks, they sure are well known football player.

I had my time long time ago waking up middle of the night watching 22 men running after 1 ball.
My favourite team is Germany. Why? Their jersey is nice hehe.. and there's Klose. He's not that good looking, but it's just ok. Eh sure he's got skills too ya know.

This is the one I had, and because of the jersey is big.. I gave it to my big man. Suits him nicely. And no Germany is not his favourite team, it's England. He's also not a die hard fan, he watched and read the news from time to time. Thank God! I don't have to sleep alone at night.


From Friends to Lovers

Discovering that a friend is actually a lover as well. This poem was the first one I dedicated to my love. It described us very well. I find it very sweet and nice. I've taken this from The poem was created by Joe Vieira. It was written for a friend he had known for 12 years. They both discovered that they had the same feelings for each other all those years but kept themselves. They never hinting to the other how much they really cared and wanted each other so much.
Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel blue but whenever I see you, I'm as happy as can be for you bring a smile upon my face
and a feeling of joy within my heart
you're like my sunshine in the morning
and my stars that glow at night
you're like the waves in the ocean
the cool breeze in the wind
like the call of the birds in the morning dew like the sounds of beauty in the night you see all of these things are of beauty and love
that's how I feel whenever you are near for it was the passion and de…

29 Life Lessons Learned by Age 29

I've made a list of life lessons I have learned by the age of 29. Old?? So not old ok! I'm still young at the heart. Yeah, sayang I know you'll be reading this statement soon.

Nobody knows ourselves better than we do. Most of us needs sometime alone to 'discover ourselves'. We learned everyday throughout the life. There's not even a day we stop learning, be it good or bad experience. It taught us there are still hope and it's not the end of everything when things didn't go the way we want it to be. The happy moments, will always be kept forever.

When there's no one listening, no one to depend on, no one to be there for you.. always remember GOD is always there. All you have to do is pray. GOD will always be the best option in any situation.Problems don't just disappear. Face it, deal with it. It will not go away with the blink of your eye.Be responsible. No one will ever be responsible for your actions than you. Take full responsibility even when …

Small Man and 'Lil Brother'

As you all know I have a son.. 6 year old cute smart boy whom I love so much with all my heart. This is about him and how he wants a little baby brother so bad. The story begins.

My big man went to Alor Setar and Langkawi last week with his family. Yes, he went for a holiday WITHOUT ME! Can you feel the stressed with the caps lock?? Haha.. He took lots of pictures and there's one picture where he is holding his cousin, Umar. He's adorable isn't he? Not the one who's smiling cheekily, that's his brother.

He asked me to show the picture to my small man, and said daddy has a baby brother. I showed him and he cried!
At first I thought he was jealous. To my, our surprised he said why did daddy has the baby brother and not him? Errrrr... He asked me if he could have the baby brother on Saturday, because we had promised to bring him out on that day. I asked him why he cried, is he mad at daddy? He said no. He wants the brother! Oh brother. Both of us could not stop laughing.…

Things Happen.. With The Reason Of Their Own

Sometimes I don't want to accept whenever bad things happen to me. It's just too painful and stressful and I hate it!! What I'll do is, stop thinking about it and ran away. Yeah, afraid to face it and knowing the outcome would make me miserable and less happy. And, yes I do know some of it gives me a very good lesson and happy ending.

Last Sunday, my uncle (my mother's eldest brother) passed away. He had cancer. Last time I saw him was on my sister's wedding. He is a good uncle, very calm and quite. He left his wife and 4 boys. He got a grandson too, which was the first time I met. Oh that boy is so chubby! And SHY!! When a death happened to the family, it is something or a message to remind us.. everything that alive will die. The difference was how it happens to you and how people around you accept it. My brother passed away when he was 21, that was 6 years ago. He's still young! He died in a motor-lorry accident.. it happened when he was on his way back from …

One Hundred Days

Yes, I've been counting days. I bet you can see the square box on the top of my blog, the picture with the wedding ring.

Both of us a bit relaxed this 1 month, nothing to buy or rushing here and there. We've got most of you things done half. Need to follow up the progress. Starting from July, need to gather all the address and search few things for the men's gift (hantaran). 2 or 3 more things left. And yes, to pick up my dress end of the month. And to go shopping for the gifts decoration. Also, to fill up the forms. Oh my, suddenly so many things to do in 30 days!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Will It Be The Same

It is the most wonderful feeling, knowing you are loved and wanted. I am grateful to have the people I love around me. My son, my family and my future husband. We're going to tie the knot in September this year. Yes, it will be the most happiest day of my life.

Sometimes, out of the a sudden.. I feel left out, not loved and ignored. Yeah you name it, all the negative feelings. Something is not right when actually there's nothing wrong. Being over sensitive is not good, and how I wish I can get rid of it once and for all. Vulnerable? You can say that.

When we are far apart, we missed that person dearly. We kept calling and texting with each other. We hoped that they will come back soon. But, do we still have the same feeling.. when we started to live together? I mean, will the love grow stronger, will there be spark in the relationship? Will it be exciting enough until the end of our lives? Of course, we are happy to see and be with each other. But, I'm talking about feelings…

Brassap Bro Yo Yo!

My small man, he's 6 years old and sometimes I don't quite follow what he's trying to say. He speaks English, but in a kids way of course hehe.. He do mixed it with some Malay. Sometimes, it surprised me how he understands English more than Malay.

The other day, when I was having my dinner after came back to work.. he started to say Brassap bro. I was thinking, it supposed to be 'What's up bro' right? So I told him, it should be What's up Bro. But he kept saying brassap bro. I asked if he knew what is the meaning of it, and he said it's a joke mama. LOL! And he continued it with Brassap bro yo yo! He told me it sound much better with Brassap Bro hehe... Oh well, up to you my son. As long as it's not a swear or cursing or bad words, I'm OK with it.

And as usual, my big man would copycat what's the small man have said. Oh brother!


I have twitter now.. wohooo!! Seriously, I don't know what's best about it so far. All I know, my friends don't have the link and I can update everything that they wouldn't know (errr I guess).

I will enjoy it until I'm bored and if my friends knows about it.. hehe

Cinderella for A Day

Cinderella.. Who doesn't know her right? One of my favorite A character from the famous Walt Disney Princess. Although she's not a princess, but she married to a prince after that and lived happily ever after. Yeah fairy tale.
So at this entry, I bukan nak cakap pasal cerita Cinderella tu hehe.. Cinderella tu kan rajin orangnya, mengemas dan selalu kena buli dengan mak tiri and 2 orang kakak tiri dia. Eh no no.. I tak ada mak tiri or kakak tiri ok! Just that today, I've done the cleaning, rearranging, vacuuming from 10am to 5pm. Short break for 1 hour sebab kena teman my mom pergi kenduri kahwin jiran. Musim orang kahwin dah bermula hehe..
My small man pun rajin juga tolong mama dia mengemas. Alhamdulillah, bila datang mood rajin dia, senang hati mama dia kannn.. Cuma awal pagi ada buat sikit perangai lah juga kan.. Dah kena 'ceramah' dengan mama. Today, bilik my younger sister pun I terjah juga. Habuk tak usah cakap lah kan, semua tempat! Entah macam mana dia duduk …

My Small Man Sports Day

On 30th May, Sunday was my small man's sports day. Kena bangun awal pukul 6.30pg hari Ahad!! Ughh, memang mama sangat tak rajin. Small man pun bangun agak slow mo hari tu hik hik.. Dengan cuaca redup, sejuk mana tak lena tidur kan. Start 7.30 tapi we reached there 10 minutes late. Orang pun tak ada ramai sangat. This year small man still rumah kuning - Laksamana. And, I have been chosen again as volunteer. Haa caner tu, terpilih sebagai volunteer? Tapi this year tak susah, jaga budak-budak je. Hehe.. but actually tak jaga pun. Cikgu-cikgu yang jaga je pun kan. Memang tak boleh nak control lah budak-budak bila lari ke sana ke mari. Small man alhamdulillah mau juga dengar kata, tapi bila nampak kawan main kejar-kejar, sepak terajang dia pun sama naik. Haihhh.. boys!
Small man tak banyak masuk acara, maybe sebab this year tak banyak acara sukan jadi kena sama rata bagi acara dengan budak-budak lain. Ada satu acara tendang bola, boleh tak masuk gol. Adeh la!! My big man cakap tak macho …