Sunday, 13 June 2010

Brassap Bro Yo Yo!

My small man, he's 6 years old and sometimes I don't quite follow what he's trying to say. He speaks English, but in a kids way of course hehe.. He do mixed it with some Malay. Sometimes, it surprised me how he understands English more than Malay.

The other day, when I was having my dinner after came back to work.. he started to say Brassap bro. I was thinking, it supposed to be 'What's up bro' right? So I told him, it should be What's up Bro. But he kept saying brassap bro. I asked if he knew what is the meaning of it, and he said it's a joke mama. LOL! And he continued it with Brassap bro yo yo! He told me it sound much better with Brassap Bro hehe... Oh well, up to you my son. As long as it's not a swear or cursing or bad words, I'm OK with it.

And as usual, my big man would copycat what's the small man have said. Oh brother!
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