Monday, 21 June 2010

Small Man and 'Lil Brother'

As you all know I have a son.. 6 year old cute smart boy whom I love so much with all my heart. This is about him and how he wants a little baby brother so bad. The story begins.

My big man went to Alor Setar and Langkawi last week with his family. Yes, he went for a holiday WITHOUT ME! Can you feel the stressed with the caps lock?? Haha.. He took lots of pictures and there's one picture where he is holding his cousin, Umar. He's adorable isn't he? Not the one who's smiling cheekily, that's his brother.

He asked me to show the picture to my small man, and said daddy has a baby brother. I showed him and he cried!

At first I thought he was jealous. To my, our surprised he said why did daddy has the baby brother and not him? Errrrr... He asked me if he could have the baby brother on Saturday, because we had promised to bring him out on that day. I asked him why he cried, is he mad at daddy? He said no. He wants the brother! Oh brother. Both of us could not stop laughing. I kept asking, now what do we do? He kept saying he wanted a baby brother just like the one my big man was holding in the picture. Small, cute and bald.

We were texting each other about his reaction, and I told him he cannot have the baby because it was someone's else baby brother, Farah. He cried again. He said, how can she has and he doesn't? Why must he asked things that I can't explain without making up stories.. boo hoo hoo.

So, we told him that next year he can have a baby brother. But, I told him we could not buy anywhere because it will be in mummy's tummy. And, he said.. after that mummy will go to the hospital and deliver the baby right? Pity mummy. Seriously, I don't know where he knew about it, how the baby come out and that sort of thing. I know he will love and take really good care of his baby brother or sister. Oh yes, he don't want a sister, he wants a brother. Maybe soon, he will ask me how the baby get inside mummy's tummy. I must be prepared.
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