Monday, 21 June 2010

Things Happen.. With The Reason Of Their Own

Sometimes I don't want to accept whenever bad things happen to me. It's just too painful and stressful and I hate it!! What I'll do is, stop thinking about it and ran away. Yeah, afraid to face it and knowing the outcome would make me miserable and less happy. And, yes I do know some of it gives me a very good lesson and happy ending.

Last Sunday, my uncle (my mother's eldest brother) passed away. He had cancer. Last time I saw him was on my sister's wedding. He is a good uncle, very calm and quite. He left his wife and 4 boys. He got a grandson too, which was the first time I met. Oh that boy is so chubby! And SHY!! When a death happened to the family, it is something or a message to remind us.. everything that alive will die. The difference was how it happens to you and how people around you accept it. My brother passed away when he was 21, that was 6 years ago. He's still young! He died in a motor-lorry accident.. it happened when he was on his way back from work. May he rest in peace and stand among the good people.

On that day itself, my big man home theater blew up. This is the second time it happened. Frustrating! That thing is not even 3 years (I think so). If he wants to get a new one, it might have to wait until next year. Sorry dear.

And.. after that.. my iphone mic broken!! People not able to hear my voice. The other night it was OK! The next day, it's DEAD!! Oh my.. what a day. All happened at once, just not to me, my big man and my family. I know, things happen.. with the reason of their own. I just don't know the reason yet and what I get in the end. I hope, it's a good thing.
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