Sunday, 27 June 2010

World Cup 2010 - Germany vs England

I am not a die hard fan of football, but I love to watch the game sometimes. Where actually there's no good movie on TV. Some of you might say, women watched football or soccer because of the good looking guys. Oh yes!! I admit it. I like to see Kaka, Ronaldo, Beckham, Lampard.. and the list goes on. And they too have very good skills and talented. With talent and good looks, they sure are well known football player.

I had my time long time ago waking up middle of the night watching 22 men running after 1 ball.

My favourite team is Germany. Why? Their jersey is nice hehe.. and there's Klose. He's not that good looking, but it's just ok. Eh sure he's got skills too ya know.

This is the one I had, and because of the jersey is big.. I gave it to my big man. Suits him nicely. And no Germany is not his favourite team, it's England. He's also not a die hard fan, he watched and read the news from time to time. Thank God! I don't have to sleep alone at night.

Tonight, Germany will face England (round of 16th). The game will start at 10.00AM EDT. Malaysian time it would be 10PM. I maybe watching it for few minutes. Don't want to fall asleep in the office. So far they've won 2 out of their 3 first round games. Deutschland please win!! They've won the World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. 2010?? We shall see.

"There's only one posibility: win, draw or loose." Franz Beckenbauer

"To any young kid who wants to be a footballer, I would simply say: Have fun playing football and enjoy the team - spirit. That's the right attitude; that will bring you pleasure and fulfillment in football. A baker cannot live on bread he made yesterday, and a footballer cannot live on his last game. It's about the here and now." Jurgen Klinsmann
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