Tuesday, 29 June 2010

You Know You're A Mother When

Sometimes when I think about it, I couldn't believe that I am a mother. It has been 6 years already! I feel that (yeah in my mind) I am still a small child, knowing that I have a child of my own. Once in a while being an adult can be fun when you're acting like a child.
I don't feel you can TRULY understand the absolute meaning of the phrase until you become a mother yourself. I'd love to share some of these times with you as I am sure that if you are a mother, or a parent in general, that you will be nodding your head to at least a few "you know when's..." on my list hehe..

You went through hours of painful labour and forget the pain; the very moment you see your child.

You don't mind if you wear the same or old clothes again; and you get your child new ones.. on every sale. Instead of wanting to buy yourself something, you ended up at children's department.

You went to the grocery store alone and consider that as your 'me' time.

You hide in the bathroom to be alone.. sometimes.

You don't feel hungry when you saw your child eat double meal at one time.

You stayed up at night when your child couldn't sleep because of fever, and still go to work the next day with panda eyes!

You fell sick and worry that no one can take care of the children like you do. And still you get out of bed, make sure they're ok!

You kept cleaning the house, pick up toys even when the kids are around.

You always prepared things like extra clothes, extra shoe, huge bag with all your kids stuff inside whenever you're going out.

You went to the washroom with your child (below 7). Kept asking if they are still outside the door. Haha..

You can't seem to stop yourself from kissing your child's head hundred times a day, pat their bum, and stroke their cheek. You'll stop until.. "Mom, you're kissing me in front of everyone."

You're working from home sitting in front of the computer, when your child wants to sit with you to play Playhouse Disney and Ben 10 online games.

You feel proud every time someone makes a comment on how adorable your child is.

You are so exhausted from work, but still you are willing to hear how your child's day at school.

You are a mother, friend, teacher, laundry lady, housekeeper, chef, referee, driver to your child and add the 'secretary' to your hubby. All the time. You're working 365 days.

You complaint from time to time, but still enjoying every moment of motherhood!
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