Friday, 2 July 2010

All Stressed Up

So stressed up! I was supposed to go window shopping today to my favourite shop but, work caught me up! Grr... So here I am skipped my lunch and yet I have time to update my blog. Need a break at this stage. I know I shouldn't even bother or think about it too much, but SOME THINGS just annoyed and irritate me too much. Gosh, why oh why I do even have to write this entry about it.

Shout?? To who? Mr. Fruitheart yes he's a good listener, and sometimes just give me the 10 cents look. LOL! Sorry dear.. It is Friday people, should be less work not like overloaded with work like Monday. What I need? A good massage? A manicure pedicure? Someone wash my hair.. or cut it short? Mr.Fruitheart wouldn't agree. Color it red also he would say NO. Wasting money.

I love my work, I love my work.. 20X. Nahh.. it still won't work. My brain's not accepting it somehow. I think it has already left for Saturday and Sunday.

Here's something to let me ease a bit. Another 85 days till the big day. Yay! Wohooo.. *butt dance* LOL! Sorry peeps *blush* Trying to be excited here ok! Don't spoil it. This Sunday, I'll be going to Shah Alam to take a look at the 'pelamin'. Not sure how they will decorate it, don't have the sketches or drawing. And, we will be having food tasting session later on the day. Crossing my fingers it would be superb.

But sometimes, when they cook for few people like 10 people the taste was very nice. When it came to the big day it self, preparing for hundres of people.. it's tasteless. Less salt, less sugar.. this and that not good. I really hope.. (crossing my toe nails this time) hehe.. that all will be ok and smooth.
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