Monday, 12 July 2010

Been Away On A Remote Island

Hola my blog. I've been away since Friday night until Sunday.. reached home around 1245AM. That should be considered as Monday morning already right? Oh well, doesn't matter because I'm not driving. Slept all the way back home.

Poor Mr. Fruitheart had to drive from Mersing to KL. Yeah, I've been to Tioman Island with 2 other friends and Mr. Fruitheart as well. Stayed there for 2 days and 1 night at Panuba Inn. Love the beach!! And corals and fishes and the blue green sea.. oh I'm so loving it. This was the first time ever, I saw turtle in front of me!! It's not huge, and sorry I don't know what type of turtle it was. It's the most wonderful experience. I couldn't upload any pictures, the camera is still with Mr. Fruitheart. Maybe soon.

Right now, after I am done with this entry. I will collapsed on the bed. Exhausted.
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