Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Favourite Words and Phrases

I was in the ERL when the idea for this entry pops up on my mind. Quickly I saved it in my notes. Or else, I might forget what I want to blog today. I'm sure everyone has their favourite words or phrases they like to use everyday. Especially those couple in love. When you said it often, later it became routine.

Some even kept those mushy lovey dovey text messages/sms or post it notes. Yes, I do it. But not the post it notes! Sometimes, before bedtime.. I would read again all the sweet text messages from Mr. Fruitheart. It makes me smile. Even the simple one like.. 'Hi sayang', would just make me smile. It's amazing how a word can make your day meaningful.

These are some of my favourite words.
Good morning sayang.
Gudnite sayang.sweet dream ♥ u so much sayang *with 4 or 3 flying kiss icon*

Honey I'm home.
Sayang kat mane tuh? (Honey, where are you?)
Isn't that sweet? So what's you favourite words?

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