Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's All About The Wedding

I couldn't sleep.. Well, usually on weekend I will always take a nap in the afternoon. Few hours after lunch. Plus, it's Sunday tomorrow, which is actually now.. it's almost 2 AM. My small man had long gone to dreamland..

I've been doing blog walking and surfing for wedding guest book, decoration and style for my wedding 'hantaran'. I've picked the theme color, GOLD. Still thinking another color to combined with it. Hmmm... black? cream? There's not much choice of decorations on the net that I like. Need to buy few bridal magazines next week.. I have until 8th of August to go shopping and buy few things for the wedding. After that is fasting month. Don't feel like going out and tiring myself.

As for the wedding guest book, it's not actually in wedding stuff or we plan to have it. Got an email which was forwarded to me from my friend, few wedding pictures of VIP daughter. One of the picture, they have included  a wedding guest video. Pretty interesting I said to myself.. I've been thinking of having a wedding guest book for my wedding. So I did my search and found Rosebay Creations. They provide photo guest-book service. Sent email and asked for price, still waiting for it. Hope I will get it soon and with reasonable price.

One last thing that left after the wedding should be the guest book, right? It is the one thing that you will go back to time and again to spark the memories and relive your special day.
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