Friday, 16 July 2010

Me and My Lipstick

I just realized my favourite lipstick Revlon 130 Rose Velvet, which I wear most of the time.. is almost finished. Darn! Actually, I have another 2 also from the same brand; Revlon 415 Pink In The Afternoon which I adore so much (almost finished too) and Revlon 420 Pearl Blush. I used to buy Maybelline lipstick, but after I can't find my all time favourite Sandalwood beige color lipstick, I turned to Revlon - Super Lustrous. Yeah, I was stunned by Jessica Alba and Halle Berry who were the model.

So I was wondering and asked myself, how much of those I need actually? I mean the lipstick, how many colors do I have to own? All of the colors they produced? It is one of my obsession, other than high heels and lingerie.. And I think I need 5 at least. Not much eh? Haha.. need a bigger makeup bag then to keep all those stuff.

Red.. just not TOO RED (merahnye mak ngah!!). Some people might look good in red, but I don't think so it suits me. Just a light red would do.

Pink.. I adore the color!! I think it really look good on me (perasan!) When I wear pink clothes, I would wear the pink lipstick.

Light brown or nude color.. to look more natural. Sometimes, you need to look natural when you go out, that's my opinion.

Orange or light orange.. I have been trying for quite sometime to find the suitable color. Once I saw a model wearing light orange lipstick and she looks stunning. Not sure if it looks good on my lips. We can try soon.

Here are my small collection of makeup things, which lipstick conquer more. I think most woman need lipstick in their bag, or lip gloss maybe. I don't fancy lip gloss much, it still makes me pale. A good lipstick is all that is needed to transform your face and make you look instantly seductive and sexy. But, it also depends on your skin tone and if it looks perfect on you. Just don't wear black or white lipstick. It's ugly!

I don't wear eyeshadow or mascara or blusher too. I am not crazy about makeup like some people haha.. I put on some moisturizer, powder, lip gloss and lipstick. That should do it. And, I'm done. Maybe, just maybe.. I could try something different once in a while.

Here is my small makeup bag which I got it for free when I bought a shoe from Bata. 5 years already!
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