Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wedding Update: Not The Last Final Yet Wedding

Went To Kelab Shah Alam today, with Mr. Fruitheart, my small man and FPIL. We discussed and confirmed about the date, time, food, guests.. and we've been showed around the banquet hall. It's not that big, but can accommodate 450 guests. We've seen the stage for our 'pelamin' and the room for VIP.

Next week we will come again for food tasting during lunch time. This time around my parents will join in too. Right now, I can feel that..Yes, I have enough time to prepare it all. No need to press the panic button yet! My weekend will be fully booked with activities.

The next week which is end of July, my dress and Mr. Fruitheart mandarin suit should be ready. Also, the wedding card. I am still finding a caterer for my reception on 25/9. Hmm.. On the next week 7th August, I'll be going to Parenthots Family Day. It's free!! Just want to have some fun together with Mr. Fruitheart and my small man before the fasting month. So much to do..

We have yet to decide on the 'pelamin'. I think what Mr. Fruitheart said does makes sense to me. Our wedding was supposed to be Modern Balinese Theme. But, come to think of it.. what are actually the part in our wedding is following the theme? Dress? Food? Hall? Guest gifts? Color? If we are to mention about the 'pelamin', the one that was shown to us by the planner was simple and we kind of not liked it. Not choosy, but it's our day.. so it's better that we like it, right?

So here I am while typing this entry at the same time, looking for 'pelamin' design. Found few that I like, and will sketch it later. Scratching my head for some ideas to tell about 'HOW WE MET EACH OTHER AND FALL IN LOVE'. Why am I making this HARD!?
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