Thursday, 29 July 2010

Something Called.. Dream House

Do you like having your own dream house by the sea, or a beach house? Or a dream house facing the lake? Yes, who wouldn't want it right? House faces the sea, listening to the waves.. or surrounded by lush greenery, so peaceful.

House by the beach
I know these two pictures we might not see it in Malaysia. Other parts of the world yes.

House by the lake
Owning a house is one of my priority. In fact, last year me and Mr. Fruitheart went house hunting. We like the place called 16 Sierra near Seri Kembangan. With lots of amenities, shopping complexes and easy access to KL, Puchong, Subang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and Kajang. We have also went house hunting near Bandar Sungai Long (nice brick house, which both of us loves much), Semenyih (which is totally out of the list, it's too far).
I prefer landed house such as bungalows, semi-detached houses and terrace houses rather than subdivided building such as condominiums, flats, apartments and townhouses. If I can get a terrace house, I am grateful enough, and of course with compound. Need a space as well for garden. For the time being, I just can dream. When the time comes, there will be lots of options and various factors have to be taken into consideration.

I would love my living room to look something like above. Simple, nice and no need to put lots of stuff. Easy to clean. About the color, hmm.. maybe light blue and white, or red and black or red and white.. grey color in the picture also looks nice.

As for the kitchen, I prefer it to be small and fully equipped with oven, microwave, refrigerator, radio and yes the middle island with the 3 chairs just like the above. Red cabinet would be nice, or dark brown. Hmm... one day, I wish I can have it.

I couldn't find any nice pictures in the internet for master bedroom. I did saw a lot of nice master bedroom decoration in some magazines. The color combination is elegant. I love it!

Taken from Deko Bersama Eric. Elegant look!

This one looks ok

I want a bed like that

As for the kids.. they will get something like this.


This is my small man bedroom wish. Yes you may dream of it son.
Something called.. dream.. Just like Honda tag line, The Power Of Dreams.
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