Monday, 5 July 2010

An Undefinable Something

Deciding whether or not to trust a person is like deciding whether or not to climb a tree, because you might get a wonderful view from the highest branch, or you might simply get covered in sap, and for this reason many people choose to spend their time alone and indoors, where it is harder to get a splinter. ~ Lemony Snicket

The day when I felt that everyone around me betrayed me and I don't trust anyone. I've learned my mistakes, some people could not be trusted. Sometimes I wonder, how do I decide whether this person can or cannot be trusted? Is it until they broke my trust then I stop talking to them?

Assuming that if people are like us, then they will both think and act in the same way as us. This allows us to predict how they will behave, including how trustworthy they are. Similarity allows us to transfer our beliefs about ourselves to the other person. I’m a nice person and they are like me, then they must be nice too. And as I am trustworthy, so also must they be trustworthy. But it's not actually.. I can choose to trust you, and you can choose to trust me, but neither requires the other.

There goes again.. my undefinable something.. dreamland time.. hope I will be ok tomorrow. I'll think of something sweet.. like Mr. Fruitheart said.
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