Saturday, 3 July 2010

What They Have Dreamed About

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

As you well aware how my son wants a baby brother so bad, it same goes with Mr. Fruitheart. He dreamed about my small man says how amazing it was (while looking at the window in babies room) that he had a baby brother and how cute he is. LOL! It's in his dream actually. He dreamed about me have had just gave birth to a baby boy. It is seriously funny when I came to think the strong connection between my small man and Mr. Fruitheart. When one person is talking and telling about baby brother, the other one will dreamed about it. Same goes the other way round.

My small man said, when he grow up he will send the brother to school and have asked me to buy things for the brother. Guess what? We already have the name! Let us keep it for a while yeah. Hehe.. I know that previously he don't want any, but when he saw his friends playing with their siblings, I have the feeling he gets lonely and bored playing by himself. He had also asked me to buy toys for the brother and told me don't throw away his toys. He would like to give all of them to his baby brother. That is so sweet!! I know he will take really good care of his baby brother.

I know when I am pregnant, they are the most happiest people on earth! Besides my parents, my parents in law oh well, the whole family.

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