Thursday, 1 July 2010

What To Tell..??

ooOookay.. this is a little bit about the wedding things. I have been asked by Mr.Fruitheart.. yes from now on 1st July 2010, that will be his official nickname in my blog. haha. Oh.. back to the thing he had asked. My FFIL (future-father-in-law) had asked for our biodata. I do remember back then I was 12 years old we used that term and all I know what to give were my age, location and gender. MIRC? Sounds familiar right? That was during chatting world.

Mr.Fruitheart had escalated it to me (yeah, he's not into this kind of stuff!), until today I don't know what to tell or what to write about. It is for the MC's on our wedding day. I guess while we are eating or on the aisle, he or she would start telling stories about us. Hmm.. He told me just tell them how we met, how we fell in love.. bla bla bla.. Yeah, that was easy to say huh.. He said, I'm a blogger for sure I know what to do. Oh no.. that's different dear.

I've been scratching my head, playing with hair feels like to have red color again, looked at my nails.. thinking about getting a manicure.. but still nothing came up. Ughh!! Heellllpppppppp!!!!

P/S: I might just wait till weekend.
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