Monday, 19 July 2010

When Someone Need Help

Last Saturday, when I and my small man were waiting for Mr. Fruitheart, a woman sat near me and asked for help. Previously, I saw her sat at one corner and was busy with her phone. She has 4 kids who were running here and there. She was also shouting at her eldest daughter to take care of the younger brother. Seriously, the situation was a bit out of control.

She had asked me if I can lend her RM10. Her friend whom should meet her didn't show up. She told me if she knew, she wouldn't have come. At that time, I only have one note RM10 and few RM 1. I know later I can just took out from the ATM. But, instead I told her I have only RM10 too. That was my last money for the day. She looks disappointed. I do have the feeling she could be lying. She also mentioned that she forgot to bring her younger son's milk. Seriously, how could she forget?? Shouldn't she be prepared of everything? I mean for every circumstances that could might happened? Yes, I am a mother too. I will make sure and remind myself, whenever I am out with my son, I would prepared his things first.

Plus, to my astonishment, her eldest daughter stole a hairband from one of the shop!! She asked her daughter where she took it, and she mentioned at the shop nearby. She took two!! She even told her mother that no one asked her and she just took it. Oh GOD! And, when the daughter wanted to put it back after she had opened the wrapper, the mother said no need to do so. She told her, she might have to answer to the police and pay for it. Is that how you teach your children??

So, she just sat there waiting for me to give her the money. After looking at the time, and around.. I took out my purse and gave her the money. Yes, she said thanks. But I don't feel she's genuine. After she took it, she went away and her children followed her.

Sometimes, it's good to help those people in need. But, when you realized that some of them take advantages on you, you must be extra careful. There's a few people who are sincere and genuine to you. It's a reminder to myself.
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