Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Women And High Heels

High heels are for woman. In my opinion, of all the different types of women footwear, it is high heels that are without doubt the sexiest. It all started in high school when I saw a lady sitting on the bench waiting for a bus, wearing red high heels. I was like.. wow! I should really get one of those when I grow up.

Today on my way to work, I heard this tap tap tap walking down the escalator. I always have this assumption that only beautiful gorgeous lady would only eligible to wear high heels. No offence to others yea. And yes, she is gorgeous!! With red heels, slim long legs. I admire the way she walks, seriously it takes a woman's confidence and assurance to be comfortable in them and aware that they are a focus of men's gazes and glances. Not just men! Women too sometimes.

I have to admit, when I wear high heels it gives me the satisfaction and bring out the confidence in me. I feel elegant and attractive although other people might say no. I don't care! What matters is, how I feel. I have a few high heels which not more than 3 inch, and I should get more!

Mr. Fruitheart.. I wish for a red high heels, please can you buy for me? Manolo Blahnik perhaps.

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