Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wedding Countdown to 30 Days

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We (me and Mr.Fruitheart) are just 30 days away from our stroll down the aisle. No.. no.. this is not a panic attack. Excited? Oh yes we are. Hehe.. From 200 to 100 to 50 and now 30. Phew.. that went fast doesn't it.

So what's the pending things on my list? Let me see.
  • Follow up on guest list which is due on 31st Aug *sms, call, facebook*
  • Dress fitting *ugh, they didn't pick up my call grrr*
  • 'Tudung' for my reception *going this Saturday*
  • Shoes for my small man *for 'raya' and wedding as well*
  • New 'raya' clothes for my small man *must have at least 5, daddy please take note and BUY*
  • Haircut for all 3 of us *new fresh look*
  • Names for 'merenjis' my side *uh ohh.. still looking*
  • Catering payment for solemnization ceremony *1 week before, phew*
I think that is ALL for NOW not trying to be panicked here ok. There's not much to update, just keep on counting until the day arrived. So far, I have not turned to bridezilla yet.. and NO I don't want to be one.
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