Friday, 6 August 2010

Down to 50 Days

50.. F-i-f-t-y.. So, we're down to 50 days until my wedding day. Yes I believe it hehe..I skipped my lunch (again??), my tummy doesn't feel good. Ughh! Actually, I don't feel any good since yesterday. With some personal family issues, which I tried not to think about it. And of course, with few other wedding stuff.. that are still pending. It really took huge space on my mind.

I have just updated my guest list again. Cut here and there. I still can't find any good 'tudung' to wear on my wedding reception. Another thing that really makes my blood go upstairs is the catering after my solemnization event. It was confirmed at first, and 2 weeks ago they said they can't commit. WTH?? So I have to search again! It is frustrating me.

Right about now, I want a good massage and a facial together with manicure/pedicure. But.. no budget, so just forget it. I'll ask my small man to massage me with his little fingers. I'll put some tomatoes on my face and cucumber on my eyes. That should do it.

Or.. I should have gone window shopping by now? To ease the headache.
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