Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An Evening in Kuala Lumpur

As usual, Mr. Fruitheart was so nice sending me to KL Sentral. All below pictures were taken around 6PM to 7PM. It is normal seeing this traffic congestion after working hours. And, sometimes it's just not because of the a car breakdown.. the Malaysian drivers themselves...


Both of these pictures were taken along Jalan Tun Razak after Ampang Point. - Hope I get it right.

The other side of the lane jammed as well. Cars moving slowly.

Above right was taken on the same road, slow moving and above left was taken near IJM in front of the National Library.

No signal and simply cut the queue. We also pay the road tax ok!! 

Ok, the driver (a lady) did gave signal.. and just simply cut the queue. Manners? You kiss the car, YOU PAY!

It happened everywhere in the world. No matter how high the traffic summons, all rules, this and that.. the blame is put on the drivers. It's all about road etiquette, discipline and safety measures.

Pandulah dengan cermat, ingat orang tersayang.
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