Thursday, 12 August 2010

First Day at Bazaar Ramadhan

The next must have during fasting month is Bazaar Ramadhan. It is a month long bazaar open to the public. Some of the place is jammed packed with people of all races. Not only muslims buy food for their break fast, but also the non-muslims who wanted to join the crowd for delicious food which are not usually seen outside month of Ramadhan. See.. that is how 1Malaysia concept is practised.
I like the name.. Baby John Ayam

Yesterday, I went to the bazaar at my place. First stop was near the usual market place. There were not much food offered, so I went to another place. This is the long and most crowded bazaar there. After I parked my car, I can smell the 'ikan bakar', 'murtabak' and 'ayam golek'. Oh so yummy!
We (my small man, my 2 sisters) walked from the starting point till the end.. So crowded. I managed to get 3 pictures! Hehe.. We wanted to find 'popia basah'. But, we could not find the usual stall. Maybe they didn't took part this year. How disappointing. My small man was looking for heart shaped nugget. Oh boy and he was complaining his belly is hurting him! Sadly, that also we couldn't find.

At last we bought 'ayam percik, 'roti John' and 'rangka ayam' (that is for my sister). I wanted to buy 'murtabak', but looking at the food we had bought.. I think not. Later, my mom would have complaint we bought so many food and no one able to finish it. Maybe I will buy it today.

Long queue to buy 'air tebu'

They should have move to the side rather than blocking other people

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