Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hair Cut Day For My Boys

Finally, have some time to update my blog. Have another one hour to 'berbuka'. Today, the three of us went to Sunway Pyramid for hair cut and shopping. Reached there around 1PM. First stop is A Cut Above, my boys favourite hair cut shop. You'll know why later.

These were taken before the hair cut. Oh boy he was excited!

Syahmie: Mama, rambut Syahmie dah macam girl.


While waiting for his hair cut, daddy was sitting beside. At that time a leng lui (pretty lady) was shampooing his hair.

It was the first time after so long, cut his hair using the small machine. We were afraid he would scream (out loud) and cried. Surprisingly, he didn't. Of course he wouldn't. Pretty leng lui who was doing it duhhhhhh Yeah, same goes to daddy. What daddy has, wants.. me small boy wants too. They share the same hair dresser, leng lui. (I don't sound jealous am I??)


I didn't get this when I was SIX!!

Ok, I have asked the hair dresser to cut his hair really short so that it doesn't get long too quick. At least, he will look nice and clean on my wedding day we told him, you look like Justin Bieber. Yeah right!

Syahmie: Mama, Syahmie handsome tak mama?
Mama: Anak mama memang handsome.

The end.
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