Monday, 9 August 2010

Have Done This.. Have Done That

There goes my weekend, finding more stuff for the 'hantaran'. Today it is already Monday and I'm currently working from home. No, don't envy me. I have to handle few things about my small man's school registration.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to Nilai 3 to search for my 'hantaran' decoration with Mr. Fruitheart, my small man and Auntie Yan.. my neighbour who's in charge to decorate my 'hantaran.' We went to 'Thank U' shop. They have discounts and seriously, I am not that good about decoration. I leave it to Auntie Yan to deco it, and I pay for all the stuff. All I want is, not too many flowers and too much decoration that later would make it a bit messy. Just nice and simple.. the theme color is GOLD. Found the cloth, which in my opinion the nicest one of all. Spent about RM 200 for all of it in 1 hour.

Later, went to Mc Donalds to buy Happy Meal and GCB for both my boys. Fast food lovers!! After we had dinner, tomyam and soup.. Mr. Fruitheart went home. Thank you dear *virtual hugs*

On Sunday, went to my aunty's house at Dengkil and ask her to alter my small man's pants. Since her glasses were broken, it will only be done next week. Chat for a while, could not stay longer because my small man wanted to go home. Hmm.. kids. So after that, we went home. Feel kind of tired.. and slept for 2 hours.

So as for today, went to the primary school to register and asked about the procedure for transferring school. Tedious I would say. I have prepared all the documentation and hopefully, really hope it is enough. Can only go tomorrow. Please... please.. be a good a day tomorrow.
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