Thursday, 26 August 2010

His Pain Vacation

My small man is really enjoying his 'vacation' these two weeks. He played with his lego, toys and also computer games until the PC went blank. Cannot on anymore (but today yes, it worked). So he continues playing it like usual.

He had this skin allergy which I don't really know to what. All I know, if he did not clean or wash his hands properly, he will easily get it. Last two weeks, he kept scratching his fingers until to the extend it bleeds. And yes it's hurting him. It spread to all his fingers and his toes. What I did was, wash with dettol (he screams) and put some baby lotion and aloe vera, but it did not help. So, I bring him to the clinic and doc gave some medicine. At night when he goes to sleep, I put it the medicine on his fingers and after a while he kept scratching. He cried.. uwaaaa! Poor my baby.

Red hands

It does not affect all other parts of his body except fingers and toes. That is why I don't know if he eats something that makes him get it, or he touches something. No.. no he did not play and sand outside the house. His grandma would have scream at him.

Toes also affected
Now he is getting better. Next week off to school. The end of his 'painful vacation' hehe.. :D

Lucky it does not affect his face. If not.. not cute!
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