Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Honey and Pumpkin

Me: "Honey, I'm home."
Mr.Fruitheart: "Ok Pumpkin."

That would be my text message to Mr. Fruitheart whenever I reached home. Actually, I have started doing that long time ago. Couldn't remember when was the first time, and I find it sweet. Feels like he is already at home and would wait for me, or doing something. I imagined he would say something like, "I'm in the kitchen!" Very imaginative of me huh? Well, who knows.. it might happen.

And, sometimes he called me Pumpkin. (actually, just started) Let me tell you, it is all in text messages or YM only. Not in real face to face. Why? Ok, we have tried calling each other with all kinds of romantic nicknames.. we both laugh. So bad right? And, we stick to SAYANG. Short, simple and sweet!
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