Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Little Things That Annoy Me

There are certain things, I'm sure, that annoy you. Sometimes you feel like screaming out loud to the person's face and give them the killer stare (hope that they died ont eh spot, LOL!) But all you did was keep it to yourself, and mumble. Yeah it went away later.

Let's start.

Public Transport
This morning, when I reached KL Sentral to take the LRT the queue was already long. I have the feeling the train had technical issues that causing it to delay (again??). The next train came, and some no-manners-people just cut the queue and stood in front. It was the morning when I took my 'rudeness pill'. I said.. 'Hoii, dah lah tak beratur, main suka hati je potong queue' (In English, 'Hey, you didn't even queue just simply cut the lines' --something like that). They just look at me like they did nothing wrong. I am angry! And text Mr. Fruitheart to let out my frustration. That kind of people should be sent to SCHOOL OF MANNERS. Plus, there was no police/standby staff to monitor the queue as usual. Just when things are not working as usual, they are not there.

Surau/Masjid (Mosque)
It is a place to pray, so please if you want to have your gossip or you want to say something BAD about other people.. kindly please do it somewhere else. We have Coffee Bean, Starbucks, McDonald.. and even the toilet (ha ha). The things you talked even whispering could be heard by someone who is praying just beside you. Please show some respect to others and be ashamed of yourself.

On The Road
They have never put the sticker P. So I know they've got their driving license and really expert with the road signs and driving etiquette. Tettttttttttttttttttttt!! Wrong! They are the WORSE and RUDE driver. If you feel offended, then you must be one of them. Do you have to give signal when you are just about 1 metre to make your left turn? Even if you did, why must you change the signal lamp from yellow to red? Please, we are not in Gotham City where you can speed up like driving Batman car. We also pay our road tax OK, so please don't drive 220 mph when you have a Ferrari. You never what you have in front of you.

P/S: So am I wrong to complaint? I know, I must face facts, some people will not change.
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