Monday, 30 August 2010

Male Role Model

I read an article in The Star online, Parenthots section about 'Finding a mentor to provide a male role model'.

The question in that article was "I am a single mother with a five-year-old son. How can I raise him to be a healthy man who has a good masculine image?"

From my experience, being a single mother to a son at the age of 6.. well what can I say.. difficult, challenging and exhausting! Sometimes, I don't know what he really wants when he became aggressive and annoying. Maybe at times, I am being tired and did not focus on him and he being a bit naughty to get my attention. Oh well, I am to blame.

In the article also did mentioned, if the father is not accessible to him, a substitute must be found. Yes, I have my father, and my little brother but both of them are not always around, working on shift. So, my son was left alone playing lego and watching TV. Yeah, he's the lonely child. There are times, when he speaks and act like old man (membebel), especially when I am late from work or outing. He also the type of boy who easily cry. Very sensitive, and no one can tease him.. but he can do to others. Uh ohh.. I have a feeling it will somehow be a tiny little problem in future. I did my part letting him know which are good, nice and which are bad, not to do to others. Yes, listening to his mother is somewhat he ignores sometimes. I was a kid too, hehe.. What goes around comes around huh? Karma.

And now, I am in a relationship with Mr. Fruitheart and I found out that he likes to follow his new mentor. Hehe.. Sometimes, he told me he wanted to be tall, strong like daddy. And there are times, they love to tag team and tease me!

Mr. Fruitheart was taking picture, he also acted like he was doing it too. My favourite picture of the day.
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