Monday, 2 August 2010

My Weekend That Went Too Fast

It's M.O.N.D.A.Y again! We have entered the month of A.U.G.U.S.T. Time went too fast without us knowing it. Same goes for my weekend. On Saturday, leave the house around 12.. then middle of the night only reached home. On Sunday, went out again.. and slept almost 4 hours after 2PM.

Saturday outing..
First stop was Pertama Complex. We took our wedding card. Paid the balance and leave the bags there. Don't want to drag the heavy thing everywhere we go. Thank god, all cards were printed nicely and yes like we want it to be. Nice and simple. Light yellow, with gold color. Now, both of us have to plan our day to distribute the card. Early apology, due to limitation.. only close family and friends.. I am so sorry in advance.

Next stop Amin Jauhary. We tried our outfit, mine was nice.. just need to alter a bit and make it smaller. No I am not getting skinny. Mr. Fruitheart.. he was not happy at all with the pants. It was HUGE. How could they make it that way when they've already took the measurement???!!! Seriously, another person can go in there. We need to come back for another fitting on September. I was afraid, there would not be enough time. (Panic button no 1!)

Settled there, next stop.. Cassel. The suit for Mr. Fruitheart is gorgeous! I likeeeee... and he loved it. Nicely made, just one time fitting and it's ready. Sorry, can't post it here.. not until the wedding day. Hehe.. After that, we went to One Utama.. our favourite shopping place. Ate at Johnny's, then went for shopping. Mr. Fruitheart bought new long sleeve shirt from G2000 (his favourite shop). Sale!! Can't get lower price like that on normal day. Bought some for the 'hantaran'. Almost complete, need to find Al-Quran and Godiva choc.

After that, went to Old Town for quick drink and bought groceries. At 8.40PM, went for a movie.. Inception. Both of us, kind of lost with the plot. In a dream, then in a dream.. in a dream again. How many layer was that? 3 4? All of our friends said, it's the best movie.. I find it.. ok, worth to watch but not to watch for second time.

Sunday outing..
Around 1030PM, went to Nilai to search for another 'hantaran' - Al-Quran. Not able to find it there, went straight to Banting. Yes, got it.. After that went to McD to grab lunch for my small man and my mother. I only ate the fries. Then went home. Did a little bit cleaning.. then fall asleep untul 5.30PM. Wohoo!! Super tired!

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