Monday, 16 August 2010

Oh Monday! How Bad Can It Be

It's just not my Monday.. Not enough sleep, because my small man couldn't sleep peacefully.. he's been scratching his fingers and toes, yeah you can say that.. mosquitoes. Plus, his allergic-I-don't-know-to-what until his fingers and toes skin became red. Poor boy!

Next, I have to walked far to KL Monorail from KL Sentral because the Putra LRT had technical issues AGAIN!! This time even worse, 2 hours. Reached office 10 minutes after 8 (LATE!), they've changed my chair to the smelly and ugly purple color, and oh my goodness.. my table is so dusty. Have to find new chair and clean everything. What a morning. It's not even half day yet.

Later at noon, called the school for follow up to know if the cancellation letter is prepared, sadly NO. How bad can it be?

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