Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ramadhan Buffet

During this holy month of Ramadhan, there is one thing that would not be missed which is 'Ramadhan Buffet'. We can find everywhere, in the news papers, television or radio advertisement, lots of hotels would served all their yummylicous food for their customers to enjoy while break fasting (berbuka). The onyl different is the PRICE. It can go up to RM150 ++ per person!!

From my experience, I like the Ramadhan Buffet served at Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA. I have tried twice! As far as I remember, the price is about RM80 ++ per person. My sister used to worked there, so I can get her staff discounts hehe.. But, now not anymore. She changed her job. I am not sure the price for this year. It could go up. They served lamb meat, camel meat, kerabu, rendang, veggies (lots of style and taste) oh boy this just makes me drooling.. haha.. I better stop listing. Oh and yes, the pastries and not to forget.. chocolate fountain!

I have tried PJ Hilton, Sunway Pyramid, Palace of Golden Horses, Putrajaya Marriot.. so far as for now, none can compare to Pan Pacific KLIA. Don't know this year, might need to check that..if it has turned the other way round.

If you have the budget and wanted to try something different for once (or lazy to cook), you can choose from various selection of hotels or restaurant you want. Just make sure, it is HALAL. Lastly, Selamat Berbuka .. happy break fasting.

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