Thursday, 12 August 2010

RM1 Ticket

Once again, Air Asia is on SALES! RM1 flight ticket. I was just arrived at the office when Mr. Fruitheart told me about it. Wohoo.. so I told him, what are you waiting for?? Hehe.. So easily influenced with this sales and cheap things huh.. It is the month of SALES.. further markdown some more.

He did try to booked flight to KK, it's around RM500++ and if Bali around RM900++. That is excluding hotels and food and shopping. Quite cheap. He planned to go somewhere in March. Budget? Hmm... we can save but, we have already planned for holiday on December. Plus, someone might preggie at that time.

So anyone wants to go on vacation next year, go grab the hot tickets. Offer only 6 days. Keep in mind, the website might test your patience. SLOW!

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