Thursday, 12 August 2010

Old Town White Coffee

Utusan Malaysia Online - Terkini

One of my favourite place to eat - Old Town White Coffee. We called it 'kopitiam'. There is one at Cyberjaya which is near to my ex-office. Used to go there during lunch, breakfast and dinner.. sometimes in one day I went there 3 times. If not having any meals, I like to sit there chit chatting with my colleagues while having my cold Oldtown white coffee, nice! Oh.. and their mee curry as well. Yummylicous! Not to forget, french toast.. and the list goes on.

There has been some issue with it's 'Halal' status sometime ago. People were afraid to go there and eat, and emails has been circulated about the food preparation about it's 'halal' status, the cleanliness etcs. I hope from now on, when this article/news came out.. would clear all doubt. Thank you to the Oldtown management for making this issue clear for us.

I don't have the picture of the place, maybe later I could paste it.
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