Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What To Eat Today

I am sure not a day goes by that we haven't asked ourselves this question. Or we asked our mother, what are you going to cook today? Hehe.. At this point of time, ooouuhhh my tummy is rumbling *blush*. Sounds like a 6 year old complaining huh?

It's 14th day of Ramadhan, that means it has been 14 days Muslims fasting. Wow, time really went fast. Seems like yesterday only we had started fasting. Talking about yesterday, my mother cooked 'ikan kembung teocew' which we had not eaten loooooonnngggg time ago. Err.. no I don't fancy that much. And poor my small man, he so wanted to eat 'tomyam' which he just said it 10 minutes before we eat. So today I have promised him, I will bring him along when buying tomyam. Being a good mummy hehe.

I wonder what my mother will cook today? Chicken? Fish? Meat? Veggies yes of course. Suddenly, I am craving for sweet sour fish and 'nasi kandar'. Yummy!! I think I want to buy 'ice kacang' later.

Ice kacang ~drooling~

Nasi Kandar (credit to google)
So far I have 2 invitations for breakfasting. Both around KL, which will be after work. Definitely I will be really sleepy after eating a lot on both days. Hope I will not be sleeping all the way back home when taking the ERL. Or else, I will reach KLIA.
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