Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Adventure Honeymoon Day 1

We left house around 11am. Reached LCCT half hour later. My father drove us there. Checked in and waited for our flight at 1.15pm. 1.30pm we flew to Krabi. Yay!

Touchdown at 2.30pm, Malaysian time. No I did not changed my watch to follow Thai time zone. They are behind our time 1 hour only. Then from the airport, we took a cab to Krabi Town where we have to wait 45 minutes for the minibus to arrive. Ughh!! In the middle of nowhere, oh yes we're afraid! Anything can happen. Haha.. yes I am thinking outside the box. We paid RM70 for the minibus to Koh Lanta where we will stay : Cha-Da Beach Resort. For the taxi, we paid RM20. Journey to the Hau Hin Car Ferry took us 1 hour. Lucky it's a straight road and we do feel like we're driving in a countryside in Malaysia. Feels like home but with Thailand signboard.

Then we have to wait for another ferry to the other side of the island, Koh Lanta Noi. 15 mins journey. Then, another ferry to Koh Lanta Yai. It's where the Cha-Da Beach resort located. From the ferry it was 15 mins drive too. We shared the minibus with another 10 people which were all Thai's. They taught Mr. Fruitheart was local people there and started talking in Thai's. Haha.. yeah, people do mistaken him as if he's Chinese.

We reached Cha-Da Beach Resort around 5.45pm and was greeted by the manager Mr. Kung.. Sawadee Krap.. I hope I got it right! Our room number is 6103. He told us our room was upgraded from Silver Suite to Gold Suit FOC!!!! Awesome! Our room is facing the swimming pool which we can jump from the balcony. Super awesome! I love my honeymoon!

We ordered Club Sandwich and Phad-Si-Ew: Fried noodles with chicken for dinner. We were so hungry, skipped our lunch. After that, we took a walk around the resort. It was HUGE! They have 2 huge swimming pool. All the gold suite is facing the main swimming pool, so everyone can jump from the balcony. Hehe.. They also have kids pool, playground and few other villas. However, the beach is not beautiful. Oh well, as long as the room is awesome, I am more than happy. Oopss.. we are more than happy!

P/S: Will update pictures soon!
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