Friday, 10 September 2010

First Day Of Eidulfitri 1431H

Syukur alhamdulillah, today is the first day of Eidulfitri which is celebrated throughout the Muslim World. Syawal, is the tenth month of the Lunar Islamic calendar. It is a month of celebration after one month of fasting during Ramadhan.

So, my update for the first day.
The night before Hari Raya, my siblings and I were busy preparing 'kuah satay' and 'sayur lodeh'. My mother already cooked 'rendang daging' and 'ketupat'. All those dishes were common and must have food on Hari Raya. Other than that are 'lontong', 'ketupat palas' (Mr Fruitheart please do take note, not 'ketupat balas'), and of course 'kuih raya'.

First time I made it by myself, yay me!
Around 10am, we headed to my auntie's house in Dengkil. However, we did not reached our destination because suddenly my mother had stomach ache. We had to cancel our raya tour, and headed to nearby clinic. She was sweating and holding her stomach. Doc said she might have got gastric and she gave her one injection to ease the pain. And oh boy she had been given 5 types of pills. After that we went straight back home.

Not long after that, my aunties, uncles and grandma from my mother's side came. Lucky we were at home at that time.

I was so hehe.. fell asleep while watching TV until 6PM. So now here I am, in front of the PC updating my blog. Normally, no one will come to visit us at night. So I can 'lepak' in front of the tv till midnight. And Mr. Fruitheart, he told me he's still at his relatives house. Fuhhh.. too much of everything he said. Give him a chance right? Hehe.. starting Monday next week, triple workout honey.

Oh ya, I did noticed this year so many people wearing purple. Talking about 'baju raya', only my son's 'baju melayu' is ready. The tailor couldn't make my parents and my siblings clothes on time. Oh well, all of us still have other 'baju raya' so we just wear it.

Raya this year is not that happening. First my second sister Diba went to her hubby's village to celebrate raya. It's their first time celebration as husband and wife. Secondly, my father worked on the night before 'raya' and only home in the afternoon. Such a workaholic. He already went to work just now, and will be back in the morning.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all.

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