Sunday, 19 September 2010

I Will Remember This

My mother had stayed in the hospital for 8 days now. She is getting better, however the doctor said they still need to monitor her blood flow. I have been told she can go home tomorrow but it depends on her blood test result. Hopefully, the test is good enough so she can go home.

I used to have this scary, sick tummy and cannot stand the medicine smell whenever I went to hospital. Surprisingly, I did not have all that now. That's amazing and good news. Maybe because I know I am strong and have to be strong for my mother. While I was there, one side I saw a mother who was taking care of her daughter. I am not sure what her sickness is. On the other side, a daughter who fell asleep while taking care of her mother who is 78 years old. All sort of sick people I can see there, with their families around. I know, no one likes to be sick. I will remember that, I can too fell sick one day.. and thinking about it.. who will take care of me? My small man? Mr. Fruitheart? Or my mother? My sister? I don't know.

'A mother can take care of her 10 children, but not all 10 of them can take care of their only mother.' Heard it many times, and yes it happens. So tomorrow morning, I am planning to cook chicken soup for my mother.

I remember reading this somewhere long time ago, 'Ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara' (remember 5 things before another 5 things).
1. Ingat sihat sebelum sakit. (healthy before you're sick)
2. Ingat muda sebelum tua. (young before you're old)
3. Ingat kaya sebelum miskin (rich before you're poor)
4. Ingat lapang sebelum sempit. (free before you don't have time left)
5. Ingat hidup sebelum mati. (life before death)
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