Sunday, 26 September 2010


Shhh!! Yes I know, all of you would say 'WTH are you doing updating your blog?' One of my friend had warned me, don't forget to changed your status in facebook. While another one said, no need to update blog. Just do whatever married couple do.

My solemnization ceremony was done yesterday, 25th September 2010 at Masjid Sultan Hishamuddin Salak Tinggi. Oh boy I was so nervous, my hands were sweating, and there were zillions baby butterflies in my tummy!! Plus, Mr. Fruitheart was 5 minutes late. I was of course worried. Sharp at 12.00PM, I am officially Mrs. Nizam. Sekali lafaz je OK!

The so long awaited moment for Mr. Fruitheart

At wedding reception, almost over

I can only update these two pictures which were taken on my iPhone (not iPhone 4). Yes, that is one of the hottest stuff now other than my wedding day. After the wedding reception, both of us together with our photographer went to Masjid Shah Alam for our outdoor picture session. It ended around 6PM. Went back to hotel soon after that.

In this entry, I would like to thanked everyone.. my close families and close friends who attended our wedding. Thank you so much for making our day wonderful. I hope everyone have a great time and sorry if there are anything that you don't feel happy about. Last but not least, take care.. will be away on four days honeymoon. Don't miss us! Pictures will be update soon, or if you have facebook you can see all those 'tag' pictures. Adios!
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