Friday, 17 September 2010

Last Day of..

It's Friday again peeps!! Another 8 days to get married, wow! I am nervous and excited hehe.. My son's alergies also getting better, still has few red marks here and there. And my mother is getting better too! Thank you Allah, and thank you all for your prayers. Appreciate it much.

After this, there are few things which I did almost everyday and soon I won't be doing it.. err.. I think.

No more spending nearly RM300 per month on travel expenses for ERL and LRT. Phew! Can allocate it for other expenses. Mr. Fruitheart will send/pick me up to/from work. And no more stucked with stinky people, or have to walked half hour everyday.

My beloved car, Spectra will no longer be parked at the ERL parking lot for more than 8 hours. Will give it to my father to take care of it. He said he will paint it black. Up to you dear father, it's yours.

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Mr. Fruitheart no longer need to drive back home to Gombak after dropping me. Sometimes he reached his house nearly 1AM. Poor Mr. Fruitheart. After 25th September no need to that anymore honey, you can sleep at my house.

Hmm.. wonder what else ..?? Oh not to forget, after this.. I have to do more on house chores. There's one big man, one small man and myself things I need to do. Oh boy! Apart from cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, folding clothes, taking care of those two man.. hmm.. what else? And soon, if God's will another one small soon.. if it's a boy.. then I have 3 heroes! Haha.. my life is so happening.

So today Friday 17th September, is my last day of work before my 2 weeks holiday. Yippie yay! Currently, there's not much request and I don't feel like doing it. Even though I've done almost 70.. haha. Oh well, as my Fruitheart said. I still have time to update my blog even I have loads of work. Multitasking honey.

I might update from time to time. See you all soon.. it could be tomorrow I update the blog.. or later.
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