Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wedding Update.. 4 More Days To Go

Finally, I have some free time.. What a tiring day today as well. Early morning, cleaned up the house and went to Secret Recipe to order my wedding cake. Yeap, no Godiva chocolate for Mr. Fruitheart as his 'hantaran'. Maybe after our wedding, we can have our Godiva chocolate OK honey.

After that, I cleaned up my room and living hall. Packed old magazines and newspapers. Vacuum, washed the toilet and mopped the floor. Cooked lunch. Took nap for 1 hour and in the evening went to Nilai to buy some more stuff for the 'hantaran' and dropped by the wedding shop. Took my veil, shoe and I got 2 pillow for me and Mr. Fruitheart. I feel like a superwoman today!

Our frustration about our wedding dress..
Yesterday, after shopping at KLCC we went straight to Pertama Complex to get our dress. It is ready. However, Mr. Fruitheart was really upset and not satisfied at all about his 'baju mealyu'. The shirt was short, the collar was wide, and the pants.... can include my small man in there as well. It made him shorter and plump. Oh dear! It was not done PROPERLY and AWFUL. But.. we still pay for it. I will wait until I see the boss which is my make up artist and complaint to him. I might as well ask for discount and damage cost. I did asked if the design was like that, and the girl said yes. They followed the actual size. Believe me, I think they followed someone else's cutting or made a mistake when measuring it. They've asked if I want to alter. No thank you!

Seriously, we thought if we made our dress with well known designer it was done perfectly, but sadly no. Even my reception dress will only be sent to me on Sunday itself! I know I am beginning to be a BRIDEZILLA soon. Ughhh!! That will be the first and last time for us to go there. No I am not going to tell or suggest my friends (who will actually read this or asked me on my wedding) if they want to know who did my dress. Please find other designer!

This can happen to me!!
Right after that we went to another shop on the same floor, which Mr. Fruitheart made his suit. The tailor also said, it's WORSE!! We made a new 'baju melayu' for him. And, we have to pay extra. We have asked if it can be ready on Friday, lucky enough it can be done. Pheww!
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