Monday, 13 September 2010

Second and Third Day Raya Update

Wow! Looking at the entry title, I can see how extremely busy I am on these two days. Not just busy, super tired too. Went to relatives houses and cooking and cleaning, washing.

So many plans had to be cancelled. On second day of raya, we planned to go to MFIL house. Early morning, Mr. Fruitheart said his uncle passed away. So, we just went to my auntie house at Cheras. On that day itself, my mother had headache like migrain and she cannot move her left leg. She got another injection to ease the pain when we brought her to the nearest clinic in Pandan Indah. What a day!

Yesterday, the plan was for Mr. Fruitheart visiting my house. Since my mother was admitted to the hospital, it had to be cancelled again. What frustrates me was the way the doc doing their job. My mother was there from 11am and only around 5pm he examined her. WTH??!! Oh yes, my father was so very the furious. I think that's how doctors in government hospitals do their work is it? Slow? Or too much patients to handle? or.. ahhh whatever. Enough said.

P/S: Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan segalanya.. redha dengan ketentuannya.
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