Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Three Days After Wedding

Wow!! Finally after sometime I have internet connection. Don't have any phone line here even though I have activated my international roaming. Not sure what I've done wrong. So here's the update after 3 days I'm being Mrs. Nizam.

On 27th Sept, checked out from Concorde Shah Alam around 10am. We skipped breakfast there and went to drive through McD. Reached Gombak and packed Mr. Fruitheart's things and cleared some stuff in his room. Orang bujang lah katakan sebelum tu kan. After lunch, went to Salak Tinggi, washed some clothes, cleared my small man's stuff. Anak bujang lelaki sorang itu mane lah tahu nak mengemas baju kan. Tak tahu lah macam mana nanti tinggal dia 4 hari pergi Krabi. Habis sepah agaknya my room.

After that, went to Giant Nilai to buy some snacks and PS2 games for my small man. Tea break at Oldtown, our favourite place. We had asam laksa and vanilla ice cream for my small man. Back home, packed both our stuff and double checked everything before we left for Krabi. Wohoo!

Marriage from my small man's point of view:
Small Man: Uncle Nizam, mama done with wedding?
Mr. Fruitheart: Yes, done.
Small Man: Emm.. I want baby girl.
Mr. Fruitheart: Don't want baby boy?
Small Man: I want boy and girl.

My handsome little small man!
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